Williamstown Seeker

The Williamstown Seeker, built in South Australia in 1945, was originally named Berbera and worked as an army workboat.  She arrived in Williamstown June 19th, 1945 and remained there until discharged from service April 16th 1981.

She left Williamstown as a private boat and subsequently fell into a state of disrepair and was eventually taken to Welshpool where she remained on a vacant block for many years before she was bought as a hull in 1995 and refurbished as a ferry.  Named the Williamstown Seeker, she wears the traditional blue and yellow colours of Williamstown and operates the daily Southgate – Williamstown Ferry service.

The Williamstown Seeker is available for private functions.

Williamstoen Seeker


Length: 42 feet
Beam: 12 feet
Facilities: 1 Toilet/washroom
Capacity: Up to 30 persons