M.V. John Batman

The ultimate cruising venue, the M.V. John Batman, named after the founder of Melbourne, is the flagship of our fleet.  It is the largest capacity passenger ferry operating in Melbourne and is licensed to carry 200 passengers on 4 decks, 150 persons under cover, or for social functions up to 130 people may be catered for in comfort.

A restaurant style setting can seat up to 70 guests.  The M.V. John Batman can accommodate all guests under cover on the lower deck of the boat, or in the open on the upper deck.

Wining and dining aboard, the ride is so smooth it’s hard to believe you’re even moving.  The John Batman cruises the Yarra River, Hobsons Bay and the Maribyrnong River upstream to Essendon.

MV John Batman


Built: Launceston, December 1986
Material: Aluminium hull, water ballast tanks
Length: 20 metres.  Beam:  6.8 metres
Speed: 10 knots
Displacement: 40 tons
Facilities: Tables, white linen, food warmer, soft woollen padded seats, urn, 240V diesel generator, bar, P.A. sound system, 2 wash rooms, 4 toilets.
Capacity: Licensed to carry 200 passengers. 150 undercover. 130 social functions. 70 sit down meal.